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Serving Facilities

All Mission Security provides security support and security enforcement in many industries. It is our wide range of experience in many industries that allows us to bring a comprehensive security package to satisfy your security requirements. The Security Guards and Security Field Managers that United Security Guard Services assign to you are trained for your specific industry and your specific security needs. We provide security patrol services, armed guard services, unarmed guards services, and more.


    Shopping centers have become an effective marketing and merchandising centers drawing in millions of people daily. The combination of today’s costly properties, expensive merchandise, and a larg...

  • residential areas

    Everyone deserves to feel safe, especially in the comfort of their own homes. We will take care of not only your belongings but also the people that make your home, feel like home. Residential security is often overlooked.

  • events

    Our purpose is to provide outstanding security services with the best guards in the business. When you’re hosting an event, security becomes more critical than ever before. You’re going to be moving and dealing with large...

  • School and colleges

    All Mission Security’s well-trained security professionals are experts at mitigating threats and managing children, minors, or boisterous teenagers on campus. Campus security guards promote ...

  • construction sites

    Having AMS security guards on-site establishes safety for not only your workers, but it will ensure that everything on the property, including tools, equipment, and personal belongings, is accounted for.


    AMS offers parking solutions for corporate offices, superstores, and housing societies. Our valets not only secure your vehicles but also keep an eye on illegal parkers. They are perfectly armed and trained...