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residential areas

residential areas

Everyone deserves to feel safe, especially in the comfort of their own homes. We will take care of not only your belongings but also the people that make your home, feel like home. Residential security is often overlooked. It can be a great help to communities. AMS helps private residences that might want security on-site for various security threats like kidnapping, drug abuse, theft, etc. As a private security agency, our purpose is to keep you and the residents under our protection safe and secure. We monitor the area and make sure that there’s no suspicious activity happening on the property so that your residents can live safely.

Our guards are armed and robust, and we understand the exact needs of residential security, and we know what you need to keep people safe with our guard services. Your security and satisfaction are our number one priority. Our commitment is to constant and consistent improvement to do better each day than the last.

They are hand-selected by our security experts and given the best training available so that they can service you and provide the best guard service in the industry. We work with you to best understand all of your unique needs and secure you effectively.

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