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Armed Security Guard Services in Canoga Park CA

Unarmed security guards help ensure people are safe and aren’t engaging in prohibited behaviors while on duty. All mission security guards are trained in a wide variety of conflict resolution methods because, in some cases, it’s impossible to prevent the conflict. Still, they make sure to stop potentially dangerous situations before they even start. They monitor the premises, perform regular building inspections, and give any irregularities reported to the authority like a broken camera or a lock, making sure that any suspicious activities are not happening at the institute.

AMS highly trained, reliable, and experienced unarmed security professionals are accustomed to protecting your company and property from fire, theft, intrusion, and other unlawful acts which disturb the peace or put the property in jeopardy.

They can provide emergency response if the need arises. Our unarmed security officers are highly trained in preventing violence, vandalism, and theft and are ready to deescalate difficult situations. Our unarmed security guards in California are the ideal budget-friendly protection service for a business that either can’t afford or doesn’t require armed security.

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